Who should attend this course?

Anyone who provides business to business products or services and wants to connect with current and potential clients. If you have a personal profile and use it just to connect with people you’ve met at networking, events or conferences but want to harness it to work for your business then this is the course for you. We’ll work on optimising your personal profile and your business profile and how to make these really work hard for you.

Why is LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn has 100 million monthly active users and these users are there purely on a professional basis – they aren’t there to look at cat videos and look at holiday photos. People are there to promote and grow their business, to make connections which will benefit them. You can showcase your skills and your business, position yourself as an industry expert and, drive traffic to your website as well as generate leads.

What you will learn:

You will optimise your personal profile on the platform to make it stand out and work for you. You’ll understand how to use LinkedIn to position yourself as an expert in your field. We’ll look at the different levels of LinkedIn account and how these can be utilised depending on your type of business. You’ll understand business pages and how to publish articles on LinkedIn. There are numerous groups on LinkedIn with 100,000 members joining new groups every day and we’ll review how you can leverage these for your business.

Next Course: 28th March 2019

10am – 1pm

The Capitol

North Street


RH12 1RG