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Who should attend this course?

If you’re not yet on Instagram or you are and posting up images ad hoc and not seeing much engagement this course is for you. We’ll focus on understanding how the platform works for businesses, audience growth and driving traffic to your website. The course strips things right back to basics ensuring you have a complete understanding of Instagram and how it works. This will enable you to optimise your business use of the platform and see real results.

Why is Instagram important?

Instagram is one of the five most used apps and continues to grow in popularity. It now boasts over 500 million users posting over 80 million photos a day. It’s a very visual platform and as social media users devour content faster and faster and our use of emojis and visuals increase the platform continues to grow. Facebook now owns Instagram and it’s seeing heavy investment in new features as a result. Video, slideshows and stories are all relatively new additions to the platform with shopable posts and further marketing opportunities being developed. This is the social media network to watch at the moment as users flock to join.

What you will learn:

You understand the platform as we start with the basis and you’ll learn how to create images that work for you and how to curate your gallery. We’ll look at how to leverage the platform for your business and drive traffic to your website. You’ll understand what to put in your captions and how filters, hashtags and stories work on Instagram. You will know how to monitor and grow your following. We’ll also give you some useful tools to use alongside Instagram to enable you to use it to it’s full potential.

Next Course: 1st May 2019

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