Facebook Marketing Course


Who should attend this course?

If you don’t yet have a business Facebook page or you have one but don’t use it then you’re missing out on an incredibly valuable marketing tool. If you’d like to learn how to use Facebook for your business effectively, driving traffic to your website and establishing your company as the ‘go to’ business in your area or industry then you need this course. The course is also a good refresher if you have a page and would like to review your current set up, content and analytics.

Why is Facebook important?

Everyone uses Facebook and they use it a lot! Facebook is the largest of all the social media platforms and it still continues to grow. 1.23 billion people log in to Facebook every day and Facebook holds a vast amount of information about each and every one of these users. If you are marketing your business this offers a fantastic opportunity to reach exactly the customers you are targeting for your business. People use Facebook on the train, watching television, during their lunch hour – almost anytime, anywhere and you can put your business in front of these people by effectively using your Facebook page.

What you will learn:

You will optimise your Facebook Business Page set up and learn what and when to post on the platform. You’ll know what content to use and how to avoid any copyright issues. You will understand boosting posts and how to grow your audience. Facebook offers excellent analytics and you’ll be able to use these to track and monitor the performance of your posts and the page. We’ll establish to how monitor your page and how to deal with complaints and trolls.

We are delighted to announce…….

………..That this year’s Facebook Courses will be ‘Facebook Beginners’ and ‘Facebook Advanced’